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Research and Guidance


Kilner Planning carries out research and assists with the preparation of guidance for the education sector on estate strategies and space management. Projects have included:

UK Higher Education Space Management Project

Kilner Planning has been the lead consultant on the UK Higher Education Space Management Project. The project was led by the UK Higher Education Space Management Group (SMG) and sponsored by all the UK Higher Education Funding Councils.

Sian Kilner has written or collaborated on the following reports for the Space Management Group. The reports have been issued to all higher education institutions in the UK, and are available to download from

Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE)

Kilner Planning was appointed to advise the AUDE Space Management Development Project on the AUDE Toolkit for the Sustainable Estate.

The project was supported by all the UK Higher Education Funding Councils and HEFCE’s Leadership, Governance and Management (LGM) Fund. The toolkit includes a series of examples of Space Assessment Models (SAMs) and guidance on how to use them, together with advice on how to develop an institutional space profile.

More information is available at

Welsh Assembly Government

Kilner Planning prepared guidance on Further Education Estate Strategies for the Welsh Assembly Government which was published in 2007.


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